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Consulting Services

We combine deep expertise, innovative tools and a strong global network to boost value creation in any growth-oriented business. Our team has a proven track-record of success within the following areas:

  • Design and initiation of commercial strategies for international business expansion
  • Inorganic Business Growth through merger and acquisition (M&A) projects
  • Organizational Design and Workforce Planning - Critical Talent Supply & Development
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We are building a global market space to connect top quality facial injectors with consumers seeking for personalized experiences. Located in the most prestigious areas of London, Dubai, Shanghai and Tokyo, Ouronyx will offer a unique luxury service to its sophisticated clients in an environment that celebrates individuality and human potential.

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Venture Capital

Based in Switzerland, we actively look for and explore exciting opportunities to work with entrepreneurs eager to commercialize innovative products, technologies and services, wherever they are in the world. Our deep operational experience and ever-growing global network within the healthcare industry can enable rapid growth of businesses open for partnerships and continuous improvement.

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