If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.

Welcome to Meeting Point!

The potential to grow and learn through the interaction with other people is nearly infinite. Often we just lack the courage to approach others for help or think we don’t have anything to offer in return.

Meeting Point provides you with a safe space to practice networking, to fish for knowledge and to find buddies that are on the same journey. We aim for collective learning! One way of accumulating knowledge is via 1:1 interaction – you can send each other messages and invite others to connect. Another way is by sharing and reading personal stories.

The power of storytelling

Stories make ideas stick and help us persuade in communication. Storytelling is also one of the most powerful leadership skills. You can practice the skill of storytelling by publishing a short story under ‘My stories’. Nobody expects a book or blogpost, but rather a crisp piece of experience that you would like to share with others. As individuals we tend to think that our problems are unique. However, job seekers and career transitioners tend to face the same questions and challenges. So why not write about your experience so others can learn from it?

Meeting Point stories
Meeting Point messages

The power of Networking

Networking is really important for career growth but it doesn't come natural to all of us. One of the best ways to develop a strong network is to be of value to the people around you and to offer help and advice. What you can practice with your friends you can also practice in Meeting Point with people you don't know yet. So start making connections, offer feedback and be generous to exchange your valuable experiences. We believe what comes around goes around and that you can count on other people's support when you need it. 


Profile Ranking

Your profile ranking will be the indication of your activity and engagement level on Meeting Point.

You are awarded points for active contribution and interactions with community members:

  • Each accepted connection request: 10 points
  • Each published ‘my story’: 20 points
  • Willingness to coach: 50 points

At the same time, community members can reward your support and insights with High Five’s. Each High Five equals 10 points whenever: they like your story and/or appreciate your coaching or shared experience.

The summary of all your collected points will translate into the number of stars per below rating:

  • 1 Star: up to 100 points
  • 2 Stars: 101-300 points
  • 3 Stars: 301-600 points
  • 4 Stars: 601-1000 points
  • 5 Stars: more than 1000 points

Chat, share information and practice storytelling as much as you like. Your success and failure can be a huge inspiration for other people.

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