Find the right position

A way to narrow down the functional category is to relate it to your field of study or job tasks you particularly liked. Another way is to check the assessment report from the Discover module. The personalized assessment you take in the Discover module is highly reliable and build by experts in the filed of psychometrics so it will give you a great opportunity to deep dive into your strenghts and weaknesses. It will suggest job fields and positions that are in line with your personality and even give an indication what company cultures may be suitable for you. Finally, a third option is to go to a job board and look at the categories they offer, then start excluding where you don’t see yourself working. 

Job Search - Which position?

We highly recommend you to initially go with broad categories (function) in order to be exposed to the full range of roles that exist in a particular field. Simply by reading the job adds you will see what resonates with you and what doesn’t.