Master resume writing and develop a personal brand that will stand out from the mass of applicants.

Building your Personal Brand

Organizations spend millions on employer branding with the aim to position themselves as a great place to work, subsequently able to choose from the greatest talents. How nice would it be to reverse the power distribution so you could choose from among employers? As a prerequisite you need to create and communicate a personal brand that distinguishes you from your peers.

The challenge is, most of us aren’t natural self-promoters. Reasons are varied: we are shy or insecure, we are unaware of our strengths or we simply don’t want to appear as big-headed, pushy or arrogant.

Self-branding done properly is not about boasting. It’s a subtle positioning of one’s strengths and qualities. Self-branding answers the question: How do I want to be seen by others and what can I offer that other people can’t?

As with the millions of investment by companies, self-branding requires a conscious and continued effort on your side. The result of distinguishing yourself from the mass however is priceless!