Master resume writing and develop a personal brand that will stand out from the mass of applicants.

Building your CV

Upfront, CV writing is a time-consuming task and presents challenges on many levels. As a fresh graduate you don’t really have any work experience to back up your theoretical knowledge. As an internal applicant aiming for that managerial position, you may not have applied for years and your CV is at the level it was 6 years ago. Even as a regular career changer you need to convince recruiters that your skills are transferable from one industry to another.  

Additionally, in most industries the supply of qualified candidates far exceeds the demand. It is not unusual that recruiters receive more than 100 applications for any given announced vacancy. The implications are clear: Your CV has to convince at first sight. 

If you have a CV template that works well for you, you can jump ahead to the best practice tips. If you don’t, we recommend a smart tool in the next section. Followed by best practice tips and last but not least recruiters' insights.