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Building your Cover Letter 

Frankly speaking, there is an ongoing debate among recruiters whether cover letters are still appropriate today. Many recruiters report that they are not always reading them carefully and instead focus on the CV. Still, in many European countries cover letters are often required as part of the standard procedure and so we will give you a brief overview on the basics. In case you are not sure if a cover letter is required for a role you want to apply for – it is always better to include it.

A cover letter is not a copy of your CV but rather a supporting document. Don’t repeat yourself, but instead take the chance to elaborate aspects from your CV. For example, illustrate some of your core skills in the CV with concrete examples.

 The purpose of the cover letter is to:

  • introduce yourself
  • demonstrate your motivation to work for the company
  • demonstrate fit with the position
  • grab the reader’s interest