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Personalized orientation and career support for graduates.

Enter your career with a personalized orientation, hours of learning resources and access to a supportive, professional network.

Having a meaningful career is a universal dream. We know how to realize it!

Grit Point is a unique career coaching service that starts with a strong orientation tool. Once you've discovered your greatest strengths and career interests in our Learning Point you will find exclusive learning material to support you with CV building, interview preparations and successful onboarding into your ideal job. Finally, our Meeting Point is a great place to build professional relationships and get the support  you need around the clock.

Why Choose Grit Point?

Whether you’re a graduate looking to start a career, a parent ready to get back into work, or a loyal employee just hoping to get that dream promotion, Grit Point is designed for you. Join us and get personalized support  that will guide you every step of the way.

The Benefits of Grit Point

Grit Point has been designed by a team of career experts with several decades of business and HR experience that are passionate about career onboarding. This strong combination is the reason why our coaching approach has helped our users not only to find a job, but to realize full potential in their careers. Here are the key benefits our satisfied users have identified about Grit Point:

Unique career orientation

In partnership with Sova Assessment, we have developed a unique career assessment tool which will identify your strengths, the areas where you can improve, and the career path that suits you best.

Personal brand development

We have designed a 4 steps approach to help you build a powerful personal brand. Raise your self-awareness, develop self confidence and learn how to communicate your unique personal proposition.

Tailored career development

Our vast library of regularly updated videos, podcasts, and e-learning materials will help you to develop all skills needed to realize your potential in the right career.

Professional networking

The best way to start your perfect career is to engage with a network of like-minded people from around the world and fuel your life-long learning ride.


Grit Point users come from a wide range of backgrounds and have used our program to realize their potential in various industries. Here’s what a few of our users and partners have to say about Grit Point:
Karla Rosenberg

Karla Rosenberg, Fashion Designer and Product Manager

Having used Grit’s outstanding assessment tool, it only confirmed that I have chosen the right career path. I am grateful for the detailed career report that helps me refine my strengths and shape my future in the desired direction.

Stefan Polexe

Stefan Polexe, Co-founder Novoresume

A CV that looks good is not enough. It’s the right content that will make you stand out and secure recruiters' attention. Grit Point provides the HR insights you need in order to build that content for a killer resume. 

Tim Hoaen

Tim Hoaen, Financial Analyst

Only when I started using Grit’s career management toolbox did the real importance of personal branding in an application process become clear to me. My application documents have drastically improved since!

Christine Trybus

Christine Trybus, Founder Mosaic Recruitment

Having recruited for 20+ years, I have often seen graduates struggling to find a "real fit" when applying for their first job. The career orientation Grit Point provides can be a major game-changer for young people looking for the right entry into a career!

We understand that every career is a unique journey. That’s why our support is bespoke to you and your ideal career path.

Start your journey TODAY!