Every Successful Career Journey Starts With A Strong Orientation

Stepping into a career means driving down a long road, so make sure that you know what is your destination.
Career journey

Stepping into a career means driving down a long road. It is a ride that takes many years and that has a lot of down-hills, slippery curves and dead-ends. The best car, the most beautiful scenery and the funniest companion on the passenger seat will keep the excitement high on that ride for sure. But will all of that be enough in case you took a completely wrong turn at the beginning of your journey?

Few of us may be old enough to remember the times before google maps or any other available navigation system. In those times the excitement of travel was usually backed-up with a large paper map and a sign next to the road as the only reliable set of indicators on the way to a chosen destination. Even in those ancient times it was fun to travel and discover new geographies, but the frustration of being lost with an empty stomach and limited money in the pocket was not a rare experience. At the end we were always able to find the place we wanted to visit, but the time spent in that search endeavor and the anxiety developed along the way were significantly higher than today.

Over the past years it has become normal to hit the road towards unknown destinations only once some sort of a navigation system has been installed. How nice would it be to have a personal navigation assistant when it comes to your career? Unfortunately today, many step into a career (or their first job search) without any orientation at all. There are many questions that usually stay without a clear answer: “Where do I want to be in few years? Which routes will I take on that journey? and What do I need in order to get there?”

After many years of successful career navigation, the team behind Grit International feels comfortable to underline that a strong and professional career orientation will save you years of wandering through the wrong jobs at the beginning of your career. A strong orientation will also protect you from miss-fits with corporate cultures that are not based on your personal values. A strong orientation will further direct your efforts towards your long-term goals.

The grit in our team means having character, stamina and the will to follow your vision for the future. Make sure to develop your vision early enough to fuel your gritty spirit and succeed in any career aspiration.

The Grit Team is eager to help you navigate your career path!