Every business, regardless of its size, needs the right talent for a vacant role - fast! But often businesses don’t have:

  • direct connection to a large talent pool
  • employer branding developed to attract the best talent
  • well established recruitment process that detects strong talent in a few weeks’ time

We know how frustrating this can be so we have created a solution for you!
Grit Point is a tool designed to change the entry-level recruitment process and solve all above-listed issues.


We want you to spend your valuable resources only in the final stage of the hiring process. You can find the best prospects fast as we continuously attract and evaluate European candidates from a large range of technical universities for you.


We use the best in class assessment tools to match candidates on abilities and culture fit. Also, we select our pool of talents on dimensions like resilience and drive for achievements which are proven predictors of success, ensuring you are hiring candidates that are great for your roles and your company.


Collectively we have half a century of hiring experience on our core team, and a strong philosophy that you should pay only once we deliver. So, with zero upfront costs and no hiring obligations, you can grow your business while our team sources and delivers to you the best matches for your open roles.

The current job market is candidate driven. That means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you.

Let Grit Point become your broker in that important process, making your team stronger and your business more successful.

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