Discovery Lab

Gallup survey of 80,000 leaders found that, although there are advantages for those with more education, seniority and experience, those traits alone do not grant success. Acute self-awareness came out from the survey as the common factor among the most successful people. People destined for leadership success know themselves, their strengths, their weaknesses and what they need to deliver. They know what skills they need to develop to get to the level they desire and they will actively seek the support. 

Therefore, we believe that building strong self-awareness in your high-potential employees should be the first and the most important step within their leadership development journey. In our Discovery Lab we start with an on-line assessment process that provides your talent with insights about:

  • their strengths and areas in which to immediately deploy them
  • areas for their development planning
  • their core motivation and values which will determine what activities they will see as meaningful and fulfilling

Networking Lab

Talents in almost every organization and every geography are typically bright, confident, articulate people. However, in cases where they are significantly distinct from the workforce around them – they do not succeed in their career aspirations. Some of the most storied “talent factories” in the world often say that they focus their talent investments on the best people - those who thrive in their business context, and in their social systems. This means that for becoming a successful future leader, high-potential employees will need to understand the DNA of their corporate social systems. 

Strong self-awareness is pointless unless your talent is able to decode the corporate culture. A good understanding of business context and your social systems will help them to respond successfully to both opportunities and obstacles in their work. Within our Networking Lab your emerging talent will learn how to navigate the business context and build a sustainable network of key relationships. We will provide them with:

  • A personal career coach to help them unlock their potential, maximize their performance through their strengths and develop strong social awareness
  • Structured assignments before and after each coaching session 
  • Detailed and relevant feedback to address their individual challenges.

Experience Lab

Recent research activities indicate that changing times require different leadership. While the results slightly vary around the world, there is a lot of consistency across the board in terms of the common qualities the future leaders share regardless of their occupation. Those most important traits for the success of future leaders proved to be:

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Drive for Results
  3. Collaborative Leadership
  4. Ability to Navigate Change


Future leaders will need to be constantly ready for new challenges. In order to prepare them for the future built on rapid transformations and pressing challenges, we place them into business simulations where they can fail and learn from our feedback in a risk-free zone. It is innovative, fun and highly engaging way to accelerate the transition of high-potential employees towards your leadership future.

We live in a world that is hungry for good leaders. Let’s grow them organically - together!

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