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Why Top Employers Are Looking for Candidates with Grit

Google is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Since its conception in 1996, Google has evolved into far more than a simple search engine and has earned its place on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands. Indisputably, a large part of Google’s success is due to its workforce. The company receives over two million applications per year from skilled, hopeful candidates eager to join its ranks. Of these applicants, Google only hires roughly 4,000 employees, and it has been reported that during recruitment, Google prioritizes one quality above all else. This quality is known in HR circles as “grit”.

Grit can be quickly surmised as unstoppable drive; the ability to sustain a passion for a project or goal for a long period of time, regardless of setbacks. Recruiters are aware of its importance and are on the lookout for employees exemplifying grit, because they know exactly what benefits these employees can bring to the company as a whole. But why is it considered so much more valuable than skill, aptitude, and IQ?  What do employees with grit really have to offer?

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Employees with grit never give up

No matter how difficult a challenge appears at first, an employee with grit has the determination necessary to see it through. They will persevere regardless of adversity. This makes them a highly valued commodity for any company. Organizations can trust an employee with grit to utilize everything at their disposal in their efforts to achieve a particular objective. They don’t need hand-holding and they aren’t deterred by knock-backs. They often ignore distractions and they don’t accept ‘no’ as an answer. With individuals like this on a team, a company is bound to succeed.

Employees with grit are creative

If you disregard failure as a possibility, you need to be fairly creative in order to succeed. Employees with grit think outside the box. They approach problems as challenges and therefore develop the ability to see any given situation from different, compelling angles. It has long been understood that creative people are great practical problem-solvers, and companies love to have these crafty individuals on board to help when the going gets tough.

Employees with grit are optimistic

It goes without saying that gritty employees are optimistic individuals. Rather than looking at a given situation and seeing all the potential for failure, they instead see possibilities. Importantly, employees with drive are able to sustain this optimism long-term, over setbacks and failures that would deter the average population. This is a characteristic desirable to any ambitious, forward-thinking organization.

Employees with grit aren’t content with mediocre

Employees with grit push the limits. They aren’t satisfied with their current talents or skills. They’re constantly striving to improve. Of course, the more an employee improves, the more of an asset he or she is to the organization. This is likely why Forbes has listed grit as the “secret ingredient” of successful people and organizations — and we have data to back up this assertion. Science shows that students with grit outperform their peers.

Organizations capitalize on this determination by providing employees with career support, or career development planning. Companies should make efforts provide these individuals room to grow, or they’ll likely become bored and disengaged.

Employees with grit have what it takes to become a success

Grit is the sole quality that unites all notable leaders and entrepreneurs. Those who have achieved true success has a strong work ethic; they are driven and they have overcome failures. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, didn’t have a smooth ride to success. In fact, he started two other car companies, which eventually failed. He learned from these experiences and today, his company is worth $188 billion.

Walt Disney went bankrupt and recovered, ultimately creating a company that has shaped modern culture. Another notable example is that of Steve Jobs; an entrepreneur who was fired from Apple, the company he founded himself. He was eventually asked to return and, when he did so, he saved the company from financial ruin. This goes to show that grit can catapult people much farther than pure, natural talent.

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