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We are dedicated in our mission to assess organizational cultures and people. Through those insights we build solutions to support the realization of business strategies.

Talent Onboarding support

Successful leadership onboarding guarantees having the right leader at the right time in the right environment: long-term. Organizations spend months and significant money on finding the right candidates to fill leadership roles. After successful recruitment, the onboarding process for new leaders often lacks attention, structure and a focused approach which leads to: negative impact on productivity, employee engagement and a high turnover of key talent. Download our onboarding framework and chose the tailored package of support needed in your team:

We are eager to prove that a career journey built on a clear self-definition and strong cultural awareness needs only a tailored onboarding plan to become a successful, life-long experience.

The aggregated cost of failures in senior roles can comprise up to 300% of a leader's annual employment cost. That can be a multimillion-dollar mistake even in regards to mid-level leadership positions
About 40% of senior leaders who change roles or get promoted fail in the first 18 months (Fortune)
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According to BCG, companies with strong onboarding programs see 2.5 times higher profit growth and 1.9 times higher profit margins than those which do not have onboarding programs in place

Strategic talent solutions

The war for talent started twenty years ago. Many battles were lost in the meantime and the winning game has still not been invented. Grit Team knows that in this complex subject one size simply does not fit all. We tailor talent management practices according to industry specifics, business lifecycles and our customers’ strategic orientations. With that approach we can support you to develop: attractive employer brand, efficient recruitment process and effective onboarding platform. Learn how can we help you shape the Talent Strategy that your business needs for the future:

In partnership with innovative methodology developers we:

  • provide insights into existing talent pipelines and talent engagement
  • steer development of profiles, skills and capabilities needed to reach the organization's vision and deliver on defined strategy
  • map potential talent gaps
  • suggest the roadmap for sourcing, development and retention of needed profiles
93% of CEOs report that they need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent, but 61% of them don’t know where to start (PWC)
Since 2014, the percentage of companies rating learning and development as very important has tripled. Yet even as the importance of this issue has risen, the readiness to address developmental needs has decreased to only 40% (Bersin by Deloitte)

Change and transformation projects

Cultural misalignment and a lack of engagement are the biggest issues companies face all around the world. Market expansions, leadership changes, business divestitures, mergers and acquisitions are the most common initiators for strategic changes. A change in business strategy can only unfold its full potential if the cultural dimension is taken serious. We can help you drive the change that will engage your workforce behind a crisp vision and strong set of values. Learn how:

In partnership with cutting-edge solution providers we:

  • provide clear insights into existing corporate culture and employee engagment
  • steer discussions around a desirable culture that will drive and accelerate the business strategy
  • map potential discrepancies between the two and analyze elements with a direct impact on business results
  • suggest simple and efficient models for interventions that will align culture with business and talent strategies
87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges (Deloitte)
Only 32% of executives say their culture is fully aligned with the business strategy and almost 75% of organizations' leaders do not identify and communicate their organizational culture to a great extent (Korn Ferry)
78% of business leaders rate engagement and retention as urgent or important (Forbes)
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