Adjustments to the talent management approach and to the organizational culture are most needed when undergoing a business transformation. If your business strategy changes, miss-alignments with organizational culture and the talent management approach can seriously hamper your change efforts and impact final business results.

Thus, you are likely to approach us if you are:

  • experiencing significant growth and market expansion
  • engaged in a business divestiture
  • engaged in a merger & acquisition activities
  • undergoing leadership changes related to shifts in strategic direction
  • starting up new businesses
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How we work

Snippet data driven discussions

Data driven discussions

In Grit International we perceive strategic talent management  not  as an art - but as a science. Our decisions are driven by data gathering, analytics and verification of assumptions with our research partners. We continuously monitor trends that affect organizations, grasp changes in the environment and discuss ideas that could improve performance.

Snippet focused businesses support

Focused business support

By our authenticity and sincere interest in our customers' challenges, we build trust and inspire them to find appropriate solutions. We measure, benchmark and deploy possible paths of action within our areas of expertise. We strive to deliver excellence through a selected portfolio of customized solutions.

Snippet effective problem solving

Effective problem solving

Leadership is about developing and communicating a vision, setting objectives and following through to achieve results. Results-orientation in every task we take on is our credo. In all our projects, we prioritize the highest-value work and continuously emphasize the importance of productivity in our goals.

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