Our values


Change is our most welcomed guest. We are fast in adopting new and better ways of doing things because we know that we rely on a strong foundation.

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We are the team of reliable professionals that instill trust and walk the talk. Every day. In everything we do. Our team is our brand, our engine and our spine. Loyalty, trust and long-term partnerships are the core to how we operate.

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Drive for results

Success is our passion.  We work hard to gain it, we know how to celebrate it and we are dedicated to amplify it.

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Life without dreams and a world without innovation is not an option for Grit. We live and work to learn. We find new opportunities so our bar for excellence continues to rise.

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Who we are

Building simple yet effective solutions for our clients' needs is a passion we share within the whole team.

Ida Banek, Founder

Ida is a business-oriented human resources leader with almost twenty years of progressive experience in various industries, geographies and levels of responsibility. Throughout her career she has been focused on delivering efficient, solution oriented human resources support to dynamic and fast moving businesses. Tackling the everyday challenges with an ability to anticipate long term ones, is what drives her in her day-to-day work. Ida uses her strong success record and high internal drive to plan and develop strategies that enable clients to grow businesses sustainably, deliver results consistently and build global teams successfully.

“I like to describe myself as an international leader with global mindset and European heart.”
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Ida 1

1998 – 2004

Early Days

After graduating with a degree in psychology from the University of Zagreb in 1998, I started the management trainee program in the biggest Croatian bank, which is a member of the Unicredito Group.

During that period, I actively participated in the twinning project with the Irish A&B bank, focusing on the transformation of the HR department, process design, and the development of new HR capabilities. I was responsible for recruitment & selection processes and participated in the design of the career development framework.

In 1999 I joined Agrokor Group – the leading FMCG producer in Croatia, accepting the position of Talent Management Leader for the Group.

While in charge of the Group’s 15 companies with almost 15.000 employees, I successfully launched and implemented the talent management program called FuturA, which attracted and retained 5 generations of management trainees, thus contributing to the development of a multitude of talented leaders who have played pivotal roles within the Group. I was involved in key acquisitions throughout the Adriatic Region, with direct accountability for the integration of HR processes.

Ida 2

2004 – 2013

Expanding accountabilities and geographies

In 2004 I moved into a business partner role in British American Tobacco, as a logical next step in the expansion of my knowledge and capabilities in multinational organizations.

During the 3 years spent at BAT, I thrived and developed into a strong HR leader. One of my more challenging assignments included the participation in BAT’s Global HR Transformation project as change leader for Europe, sharing cross-cultural experiences and getting stronger insight into our global team’s efficiency and synergy.

Joining Schering Plough in 2007 initiated my second stage in a career characterized by Mergers and Acquisitions.

Only 3 months after I joined the team, the acquisition of Organon Biosciences was announced. After extensive integration efforts and 18 months of hard work, a new announcement yet confirmed that the entire business had been sold to Merck. Both acquisitions strongly influenced the broadening and further expansion of my know-how and expertise. It is these experiences that distinguish you as a leader and shape you as a person forever.

Ida 3

2014 – 2015

Becoming a global leader

In 2014 TE Connectivity and the role of HR Vice President for Broadband Network Solutions opened the Global door wide for me.

I stepped into the fast moving and demanding - but most of all exciting - world called Internet of Things, which exposed me to new cultures, lands and leadership challenges in all their diversity. Integration activities, leadership changes, performance improvement projects and another HR transformation were just a few of the many tasks undertaken as part of my onboarding. An HR leadership position to support a business divestiture followed. It was the greatest learning opportunity, as well as the best business school I could enroll myself in.

Ida 4


Starting with a blank canvas

Launch of GRIT International, embracing new challenges.

I made the decision to start a business focused on strong performance that results from a clear business strategy, aligned culture and engaged talent. Having many years of experience and eager to step forward once again, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, to unlearn some of my earlier competencies and to start painting on a blank canvas in a metaphorical sense. I am passionate about innovation and finding new solutions for old issues. I am determined to focus on few of the core challenges organizations are facing today with the intention of making a positive impact and leaving a mark which will be visible for generations to come.

Angela Huser, Product Manager

“I like to describe myself as a networker and entrepreneur– forward-thinking, warm-hearted and profoundly optimist in nature.”

Angela holds a MsC in Economics with a specialization in Managing People, Knowledge and Change. She enjoys project assignments that require her to navigate complex and fast-paced work environments. Angela is passionate about movement both in her private and professional life which indicates her drive for change projects. A listener and strong network builder, Angela is ambitious to create sustainable business improvements, keeping both numbers and individuals in sight. 

Rahel Ebner, Communications Associate

“I like to describe myself as a maker, organizer and a curious mind that is passionate about creating and building.”

Rahel is a quality and solution oriented professional specialized in customer relationships.
Throughout her career she always enjoyed tasks with direct customer contact. Her empathy and unique  customer approach have always been instrumental for high customer satisfaction. In both personal and professional life, Rahel strongly believes in “change for better”  and keeps on investing  into her knowledge.

You landscape


We are a small team with a big vision, determined to leave our stamp of exellence on every project we take on. If you are a driven and passionate individual who is following both private and professional goals persistently with a visible hunger for mutual success then we would like to get to know you! Get in touch to see how our vision matches with your career aspirations.



We are passionate about learning and constantly broadening our knowledge and expertise. Yet, we’d like to keep our attention focused. We work with great partners to provide innovative tools and services to tackle organizational and individual challenges in a holistic and sustainable way.
Partners 1

Culture and Engagement

Engaged talent may be the missing puzzle in the equation to turn your strategy into a success. Wondering about the level of motivation among your workforce and what the pitfalls are with regards to your organizational culture? As a solution provider we rely on Culture Amp's culture and engagement assessment platform. Culture Amp is our trusted partner helping us provide you with fast and clear insights into: employee engagement, management feedback and quality of on- offboarding processes.

Partners 2

Talent solutions

You have just formed a new business strategy that will require new roles and capabilities? You are now looking for the brightest minds to drive the transformation? We can help you frame the profiles that you will need to bring your strategy alive, assess internal talent that is capable of stepping up and we can help you create the best possible onboarding experience for your newly found leaders. As we are not a recruitment company, we will provide support around recruitment efforts where needed, via selected agencies and partners.


Knowing how time-consuming it is to only get the layout, consistency and formatting right, we would like to introduce you to Novorésumé: the intuitive résumé and CV builder which offers you everything you need to create a perfect résumé! The team has figured out how to make your résumé look good – eye-catching, yet professional. Novorésumé provides several templates to choose from – both different styles and targeted at different career levels. The content is guided, but fully customizable and the platform is extremely intuitive in its use.
Give Novorésumé a try, while checking our HR insights next. You can find Novorésumé under:

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Influencers, visionaries, subject experts

We are committed to stay on top of the burning platforms within the HR field. Keeping up with all relevant and available resources is one element. Another element is that we invest a lot of our energy in networking with the key opinion leaders in the field of Leadership, Talent Solutions, Inclusion and Diversity – with specific attention to generation and gender topics. We aspire to connect our strong vision and subject matter expertise with digital solutions in every possible way. Investing into a brighter future is our passion and our obligation.

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